Who We Are

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Meet our Family

Steve Ruskamp

Steve has been feeding cattle since he was a child, when he would play in the dirt with his toy tractors, imagining the feedlot he would someday have. Apart from managing the feedlot, he is an avid fisherman and his favorite hobby is spending time at the pond behind his home.

Joan Ruskamp

Joan works full-time on the feedlot and takes care of the household. She is a long-time religious education teacher and an active agricultural advocate with Common Ground. She enjoys traveling to new places and visiting her children.

Ginger Eikmeier

Ginger is our oldest daughter, and has been married to Casey Eikmeier since 2006. They gave birth to our first grandchild in January of 2011. She is a high school English teacher and enjoys scrapbooking.

Scott Ruskamp

Scott is our second child and the most independent. He graduated from Rose Hulman Institute of Technology and got a job as a software engineer in Santa Baraba, California, where he has been living and work for several years. He enjoys the Japanese language and culture and travels frequently to Japan.

Emily Ruskamp

Emily is the middle child and recently returned from 2 years of mission work in Peru. She is a graduate of Creighton University and is currently applying to graduate schools while substitute teaching.

Jeff Ruskamp

Jeff is our fourth child. He graduated from the University of Nebraska-Omaha with a degree in Architectural Engineering. He is currently living in Lima, Peru, where he is in formation for the Christian Life Movement.

Kim Ruskamp

Kim is the youngest child and is starting college at Franciscan University in Steubenville, Ohio. She is arguably the goofiest of the bunch and is currently discerning a religious vocation.